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Brief definition - Hell.
Long definition - A place where you get piles of homework every night and get detentions for not turning one thing in or doing something completely harmless.

The teachers either love you or hate you. There is nothing in between.

The cheerleaders are either the most popular because of their weight or style, or even outcasts because they can't do any other sport.

The girls are backstabbers and the boys are pervs.

where people call each other the most childish names you can think of. "Crybaby", "Loser", and they call almost everything and everyone gay or faggots, even if your not, or even if you are a girl.

It's all about labels. Roll your eyes once and they'll label you as being a priss. Say one thing wrong in class and they'll label you a retard.

They say 'That's what she said!' about so much stuff that sometimes it doesn't even make sense - they just say it to say it.

People make up lies about the other, making you a laughing stock when you didn't do or say anything of the sort.

You wanna go there so badly in 5th grade, and by the time your in 8th, you wanna shoot yourself.
middle school Girl: "So just do it!"
middle school Boy: "THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID."

middle school kid: "You like Johnny!"
middle school girl: "What the Heck?!?! No I don't! I hate him."
middle school kid: "HAHA yeah you do your face is all red."
middle school girl: "IT'S 100 FREAKIN DREGREES OUT."
middle school kid: "haha, whatever, loser."

Cheerleader: GO TEAM!
Middle Schooler: What a freak. you only joined cheerleading cuz you suck at everything else.
Cheerleader: Nawt tah-rue!
Middle Schooler: 'nawt?' 'tah-rue'? Your GAY.
Cheerleader: I'm a girl!
by middle_SKOOL_'lOsEr' December 22, 2009

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A character in the Clique Series. She is blonde, tall, and beautiful. However, she has extremely strict parents. Unlike the other girls in the Clique (besides CLaire Lyons), she is very poor. She is at the fancy rich exclusive Octavian Country Day on scholarship, which means she has to work, work, work, work for straight A+s! She loves playing sports although the other girls do nawt.
(these are not excerpts from the books)

Kristen Gregory: Sorry Massie, I can't. I have to study for my Engish Test.
Massie Block: You cannawt be stressing out about school already! We just came back from Winter Break!

Girl: Kristen, Why aren't you wearing designer clothes like the rest of your clique? I mean, I thought you all wore great clothes!
Kristen Gregory: *runs away and cries*
by middle_SKOOL_'lOsEr' December 24, 2009

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