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The time of school year where college aged young adults and some high school students (In March or April) descend upon vacation resorts such as Cabo, Cancun, Miami, and other sunny locales to partake in much debauchery which usually results in hangovers, a burning sensation when urinating, strange discharge coming from various orifices, interesting pictures, and great memories!
Girl 1: "Hey, have you heard about the new spring break hot spot?"
Girl 2: "No, where is it?"
Girl 1: "Intercourse Pennsylania! Amish country! I can't wait to get freaky at the barn raising! MTV is going to be there! I gotta go out and buy an apron to go with my dress!"
by metoo September 07, 2003

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A person who would make up a word (like this one) and tell everyone about it.
That guy said "sarchasm." I bet he's a lexiconnoisseur.
by metoo July 01, 2005

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love-making genius
<3 belial
by metoo September 23, 2003

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