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an incredibly deep man who stares out during P.E class pondering the mysteries of the world.
resemles buddha.
just not fat.or ugly.
(noun) the state of being ibrahim makaoui

gosh, that poet is such an IBRAHIM MAKAOUI!
woah, she looks concentraed...she must be in ibrahim makaoui mode.
by melissaah November 24, 2007
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an incrediblyy large WART.
that spuds up when males hit the age of adolescence. usually around the age of 13.
this wart never goes away. and is located in places that are better left unsaid. when squeezed, it gushes out pus and then multiplies. doctors are still searching for a cure.

note:makes cats rabid.
ew, man. i just got an ali saleh.
ahh i have an ali saleh get it off!

young adolescent boy: mom..
mom: yes honey
boy: i have a problem..its about my..my..
mom: *nods knowingly* i think you`re getting your ali salehs...
we`ll go see the doctor tomorrow.
by melissaah November 24, 2007
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an incredibly hot person who has a slight dyslexic disability. and needs to learn to talk.
and yet cannot be classified as a retard or take sped class. scientists are not sure why.
this specimen is able to adapt and live in our world despite its otherworldly hotness.
is facing a future of settling down with five or so kids with blnde hair& green eyes. we are excited.
ohmygosh! that boy was such an ibrahim makaoui.
you`re boyfirends so ibrahim makaoui!
and the princess was saved by an ibrahim makaoui.
mars is thought to be inhabited by ibrahim makaouis.
by melissaah November 24, 2007
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