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1. a derogatory term, possibly more offensive than "beaner," for someone of Latin American descent, esp. from Mexico. First used on Mind of Mencia.
Jose somehow keeps forgetting to pay me back the $300 he owes me, what a quesadildo!
by mcn00baj00b June 02, 2007
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Slash Fiction is the portrayal of a perceived homosexual relationship between two lead characters in a popular continuity. It is for this reason that Slash Fiction is ambiguous with Kirk/Spock, Tidus/Auron, or Cloud/Sephiroth fiction. Apparently, there is also Harry Potter Slash fiction. *Is disgusted.* It is suspected that this is called "slash" fiction because it sexually mutilates the entire framework of the continuity.
Slash fiction is primarily written by women.
by mcn00baj00b May 10, 2008
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