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The style of dress where a hawaiian button up shirt is worn with khaki pants or shorts, specifically in an office setting where business casual is the dress code.
Some people come to work business casual, casually ready for some business but then other people show up to work jungle casual, casually ready for the jungle.
by mcdisease August 21, 2009

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A slang term for vagina which more or less describes the sound of this word being censored.
Like “hey matt…mmm, have you seen tub girl yet…oh no? yeah, you gotta see this because it is so dang awesome…*loads pic*…oh hellz yeah!!!! Looooook at that!!! hahahaha…hmm can you even image? Oh, I couldn’t do that…shoot, no…oh man… hey, isn’t it weird how they blur out her reet root but I mean look at the rest of this picture. Ahhahahaha, oh man tub girl”
by mcdisease August 30, 2007

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A belly butthole is like a belly button only it goes deeper so that when you stick your finger in there and pull it back out it smells funny.
He has a navel so deep and smelly, it's more like a belly butthole than a belly button.
by mcdisease August 19, 2015

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Whenever you date a woman 5 or more years older than you, you and your friends can refer to her as your mommy.
Look at you dating that mommy. She's gotta be at least 31 years old.
by mcdisease September 14, 2010

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