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An australian term created by maz and chante, synonymous with slut, but can also be used to refer to something/someone that/who is annoying, dumb, stupid etc.. Mainly used when you'd rather not use the term slut.

It is also given as a title someone in which there is a lack of knowledge in that person's name providing the person resembles the appearance of a slut.
Chante: Oh look it's Serrier's sluzza.

Can also be shortened to sluz and used in conjunction with other words as a casual friendly greating, normally through msn, myspace or text msg
Maz: Ya sluz.
Chante: Hi monkeytit.
"That chick is such a sluzza, look how short her skirt is!"
"I know right.."

"I can't believe you didn't reply my msg, you're such a sluzza"
by mazamataz May 30, 2009
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