2 definitions by mauro_is_bea

Mauro is an interdimensional being that doesnt even have to think. He is like a semi god, with hid beautifull face and muscles. He is so funny and handsome. He also gets way to much pussy.
Rober : Give me all your money!
Mauro : My name is Mauro...
Rober : (chokes to death with diamonds filling in his lungs)
by mauro_is_bea March 04, 2019
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Mauro is a half god thats way to beautifull for these peasants. If you see him, you have to give him al your money you posses.
Robber : Give my al your f*ing money!
Mauro : My name is Mauro you peasant normie
Robber : *chokes on diamonds in his lungs*
by mauro_is_bea April 15, 2019
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