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Author of the 'Fear and Loathing' articles published in the Rolling Stones magazine back in the 70's and 80's. Associated with 'Gonzo Journalism'. Was a cool guy, alchoholic since he was 14, always smoking pot and doing drugs and he wasn't afraid to hide it from the world. The movie 'Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas' starring Johnny Depp is based off him. He shot himself in the head with a shotgun in 2005 at 67 years old. Johnny Depp is making a new movie about him called the "Rum Diaries" due out in 2007. RIP HST. Look for his videos/interviews on youtube.
I wish I could hit some acid and smoke pot with Hunter S. Thompson.
by matthew mcleodd August 28, 2006

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A term for any kind of deodorant used for your arm pits.
"Hey man, pass me the pit juice, I've got bad B.O."
by matthew mcleodd September 05, 2006

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A brand of deodorant used by Males for their arm pits.
"Give me the Speed Stick, I have bad B.O."
by matthew mcleodd September 05, 2006

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An acronym meaning Stryker Brigade Combat Team (US Army).

Also, the same acronym (which may have a different meaning than the above) that appeared at the end of the JeanBenet Ramsey ransom letter, which has been connected to suspect John Mark Karr in his classmates yearbooks almost 20 years earlier.
Give me money etc etc etc.


John Mark Karr

by matthew mcleodd August 18, 2006

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