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A member of a degenerate subspecies of humans (Latin name homo sapiens nequequam) that bears a marked visual similarity to ordinary homo sapiens. The homo sapiens nequequam can be distinguished by the following behaviors:

* Whining at the end of the semester to their professors to give them a higher letter grade in a class they failed even though they don't understand the material because "they'll never need to know it anyway."
* Exhibiting a complete lack of creative, artistic, scientific, or mathematical capacity, as well as any desire to exert themselves intellectually.
* Having no long term goals in life other than spawning more ignorant brats, playing golf, watching football, and making lots of money, and generally succeeding at all but the last.
* Prioritizing their school life as follows:
1. Getting Drunk
2. Fucking
3. Making Money
4. Staying Skinny/Buff
5. Spending Daddy's money
6. Driving Daddy's car
7. Studying
* Insisting that their major really is as hard as all the others, thereby exhibiting a lack of appreciation for true academic progress reminiscent of a denizen of Plato's cave.
* Voting Republican.
HS guidance counsellor: So, what do you want to study in college?

Moron: I dunno.

Counsellor: Well, what are you interested in doing with your life?

Moron: Banging hot chicks and raking in the cash.

Consellor: How do you plan to achieve that?

Moron: Ima be a CEO.

Consellor: ...

Moron: Yeh dad sez I can be a business major just like him and then Ill have it made.

Consellor: *facepalm*
by mathnazi May 12, 2010

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