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A midway point betwixt a long story and its bullet points ("long story short"). Extra useless information is provided strictly to occupy more of the reader/listener's time.

A "long story medium" will contain less information than the original story upon which it is based, but can still be condensed further into a shorter, more succinct story.
There's so much to tell about last night's date, but long story medium, we went to dinner where we both ordered entrees and the appetizers were delicious, saw a movie which was 2 hours long, ate ice cream in 3 different flavours, and I now have an STI.
by math-o-nerd June 9, 2010
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The moment wherein one realizes that something, somehow, has gone terribly wrong. The moment normally succeeds some other action, rather than occurring independently.

During the uh-oh moment, one normally has no thought as to possibly ensuing sequences of events nor possible consequence. Rather, the one thought is, "Uh-oh."
1. I had a terrible uh-oh moment when I got to the podium and realized I had left my speech in my car.
2. Everyone realized that he was having an uh-oh moment when he sat on the clean chair, only to have a loud squishy sound come out.
3. His uh-oh moment came immediately after he asked his boss, "What is the purpose of my job?"
by math-o-nerd May 25, 2011
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