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when you are about 2 cum in the girl and you take your dick out of the hole. you then spit on her back so she thinks you cummed all over her and when she turns around you cum in her eye
i clear eyed kate and made her go blind
by mast sucks May 26, 2007
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when you cum and take a shit at the same time
i jizzpooed when i was looking at a porn mag on the toilet
by mast sucks September 13, 2007
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i took this drug and it was goood as shit.
how it felt:
at first my heart starting beating real fast and i felt like the shit. i saw light. i got an out of body experience. i was on the bed and my bed started twirling and flying throughout the whole house.it was just fuckin incredible. i want to do it agin. when i was twirling i went through walls and went to india. when my trip ended, my was really gooofy. at first my image was really distorted and i couldn't think straight. it felt like i was being born. when it started clearing, my reflexes were really slow and i felt MAD GOOD. i started laughing. my one friend tried talking to me and all i said was -andy my friend and started cracking up really retarde. when he asked how i felt- i was like smooth as a cadfillac. seriosuly take this fuckin drug! you wont regrte it!
after taking ketamine i felt real good.
by mast sucks October 26, 2007
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