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Woman who fucked pissboy and seems to very much regret it due to the fact that he is a one pump chump. Pissboy also came on her couch. Also drives a cube car. Overall, very fun person, good to talk to, good kisser, great tits, slightly ticklish, very pretty, should eat more, and is appropriately obsessed with girl scout cookies. She also loves talking about gyres. Kind of a complete nerd but that's okay.
Man: Wow, who is that girl with a cube car?
Man 2: That is Angelina.
Man: Wow, that's crazy. She has nice tits.
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Man 1: YO brah do you wanna go to Fred Meyers violently??
Man 2: YES! I love going to Fred Meyers on a Tuesday!
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Daniel is a dude who is NOT a short king. He is actually 5'9 so he's actually just an average king. He wears a lot of blue, but makes it look good and spiffy. He should never go bald. Personality is a 7/10, would be improved if he was not an engineering major. If he was an English major, his personality would raise to a 9/10. He can't have a 10/10 because he ain't goated with the sauce. Also he had brain surgery and had a stalker confess their feelings, but Daniel was a slut and broke their heart. Overall Daniel is kinda cute, but because he's an engineering major I can't complement him too much or else his ego will get too big.
Man 1: Damn Daniel, you have a flat ass.
Daniel: yea :((
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