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a slang term used by many people in place of hello
Hey Ma...whats crackin?
by marshmallow March 18, 2005

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love is..
talking on the phone forever and not wanting to hang up
..its the feeling you get when someone metions their name
its wanting to be held and never letting go of
its not being able to go to sleep without knowing if everythings alright
its being able to say something stupid and not worry about it..and to be yourself
its the feeling you get when you daydream and their all thats on your mind
its wanting that kiss to never end because its never felt so good
its the smile that you cant help getting on your face when you look at them
its the feeling you get when you spend time with them and you don't want it to end..
its being able to be in a group of people and know that theres only one person that you have true feelings for
its when your out and you still cant get them of you mind..
love is something special and it is because of you
What I wanted to tell you the other night is that, I love you Idris
by marshmallow March 16, 2005

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