4 definitions by mariahhhhhhh

person who is dumb and that is the only word they can say
by mariahhhhhhh March 22, 2021
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vegan with a piece of ham in their hair
oh wow are u a vEgHaN
yEeAhH <3
by mariahhhhhhh November 4, 2020
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A very calm and sometimes quiet girl, but once you get to know her you will see how loud and fun she is to be around. Gets frustrated easily, but gets over it. Doesn't give a crap of girls who annoy her. Very few people she trusts. Is very artistic and creative. Usually has lots of confidence in other people but most times not in her self. Is a very beautiful girl who most guys would not notice her. But when they do they will be head over heals. She is a young and extremely beautiful female that any guy would be lucky to have. She usually has long hair that is really soft and she has beautiful eyes that you would want to stare at forever. If you happen to get yourself a Seryna then cuddling is the best thing that you will want. If you find yourself involved with a Seryna make sure to never let her go because she won't be left alone for very long
Guy 1- Hey bro did you see that new hot chick??

Guy 2- Yeah, I think her name is Seryna

Guy 1- Mannnnn I need to get myself a Seryna
by mariahhhhhhh January 14, 2022
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