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the state of possible attraction towards preferrably a male asian in his mid 20's who attracts young American teenagers...male or female...in order to have a true feeling of muisufni, one must accomplish a task of so called "Asian Love"

pronunciation: muoo se fein ee
alie is so vaulnerable to feeling muisufni to anderw, it makes me sick to my stomach
by manida June 21, 2005
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You extend your trial with a person of the opposite sex by exaggerating feelings of apprecation and/or love.
In order for Max to "get some" he told his girlfriend that he "loves her" and later that night, he was said to be "Court-Streching" Lena.
by manida June 21, 2005
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also know as the famous FRENCH KISS it involves more tongue and has to be longer than an hour and a half...or it doesnt count as KISSABLE INTERCOURSE.. much saliva is needed for lubrication. WARNING: MAY CAUSE MORE ACTION THAN PLANNED! ;)
woah dude! me and monica had kissable intercourse last night! Damn, she's from Texas!
by manida June 21, 2005
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