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Retarded DRM-monkeys and puppets of the RIAAwho are willing to install spyware-like software unbeknownst to their users regardless of the fact that they are only hurting the people who actually bought their product
After putting a Sony XCP-"protected" CD in your drive hold down shift to disable autorun or else Sony will f*** up your computer with their DRM crap
or just open Regedit and change "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\
CurrentControlSet\ Services\Cdrom\Autorun" to 0
by m4l1c10u5 November 13, 2005

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A hopeless/hapless iPod fanboy who can't get over the fact that there are dozens of better mp3 players out there that cost half the price and have superior features and options.
Podestrian:I bought an iPod and therefore I'm better than you
*rolls his eyes
Podestrian:What was that about
Podestrian:But iPods are so dang cool, and I can store 5000 songs
Me:oh, but my Zen can kick the crap out of your ipod and can store 10,000 songs for half the price
Podestrian:yeah...but...but...but...my iPod looks sexy!
by m4l1c10u5 November 13, 2005

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