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when something is rill as hale it is totally legit and badass.
person one: that new L.A. Rams joint is the bees knees!
person two : yeah, it's rill as hale!
person three : it's shamelessly tite.
by luvtonez September 13, 2011
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to say something is da-ope is to say it's dope with a heavy emphasis. so it's not really just dope, it's da-ope!
person 1 : yo that new luvtonez joint is da-ope!
person 2 : yeah it's rill as hale!
by luvtonez September 05, 2011
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this is a slang term used loosely in chat rooms and text as a clever way of saying the rather crass term "mother fuckers".
laidback luke (via twitter) : hay y'all that new luvtonez joint is blowing up the charts over at beatport.
steve angello (via facebook for iphone): yeah i'm dropping it now right next to some rill shit by frankie bones.
predident barack obama (via wikileaks) : them luvtonez muffukkazz be straight banGin.
by luvtonez September 28, 2011
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a selection of music designed to set the mood for romance and characterized by stong sexual undertones.
kid at the counter : you got any luvtonez?
record store clerk : ummm, barry white, peter cetera...
kid at the counter : i was looking for some catnip and claws.
record store clerk : we're fresh sold out sorry kid.
kid at the counter : well, ima get my groove on with moniqua tonight and im gonna need some luvtonez to set the mood.
by luvtonez October 12, 2011
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to xilinox (pronounced zill-in-nox) someone is to act like you are ending your dj set at the block party and just when the next kid up is grabbing his headphones you drop another track.
@richiehawtin via twitter : dammit ali just xilinoxed me again when will it ever stop, I wanna finish my set and go hang out with sven vath.

@TheRillasHaleChrisLiebing : @richiehawtin via twitter : yeah J-dawg does that to me all the time and i just wanna kick him in the balls.
by luvtonez November 04, 2011
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verb: segered, seger·ing.
1. to be exposed to sonic shit
2. to have ones ears desecrated and raped
3. to be exposed to the inferior trash pawned off as music
4. stuck in a public situation with no escape while Bob Seger’s hits play at an unbearable volume.
i got segered the other day at the record shoppe when some fucktard decided he needed to listen to three different live albums to find the one with the right version of "we've got tonight." if it wasn't for the vodka and valium i might have killed him.
by luvtonez July 26, 2014
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