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An unranked conservative Christian "law school," founded by ultra-crazy televangelist Pat Robertson, that charges students tens of thousands of dollars a year to tell them all about how the law is really based on Jesus. They are so desperate for legitimacy that they wrote a rambling entry on Urban Dictionary talking about how great they are, inadvertently showing the caliber of their future students--after all, if you make your decision about law school based on an Urban Dictionary entry, you deserve to go to Regent.
Joe: I'm going to Regent University School of Law. The professors are the same quality as Virginia, the people are more laid back than at Yale, the people aren't as viciously competitive like at Duke, and it's fifteen minutes from the beach.

Tim: Seriously? How dumb are you? Do you realize that Regent is an unranked, festering, neoconservative craphole that provides less than a 50% chance of actually getting a job as a lawyer upon graduation?

Sally: Not only that, but you do realize it was founded by Pat Robertson, right? You know, the guy who blamed the Haiti earthquake on a pact they made with the devil, and agreed with Jerry Falwell that pagans, gays, feminists, and abortion supporters were responsible for 9-11?

Joe: Ha! Nah, I'm just messing with you guys. Seriously, why would anyone go to Regent?
by lurpythepirate November 20, 2012