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Faceless Anonymous Wanking Cybernaut: guys who register on dating sites to view women's profiles, but who never put any information in their own profiles, or any photos of themselves.
"Has anyone interesting contacted you on that dating site?"

"Nah - just a lot of FAWCs trolling my profile."
by lunamor September 17, 2009

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When you lose your chat history of previous conversations, and can't remember anything about someone you previously chatted with.
(Nick): Jennifer, right?
(Jennifer): I don't remember you, who are you?
(Nick): oh, sorry, I'm Nick
(Jennifer): Sorry, I've lost my chat history, I don't remember you, I have chatnesia
by Lunamor September 04, 2009

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A verb to describe an intentionally self-destructive act of aggression towards others.
The guy despised most of the posters on the Forum, and in full knowledge that he'd get banned, deliberately blasted everyone with an avalanche of insults. "Yep, I twin-towered those jerks!" he said laughingly.
by lunamor November 23, 2010

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HOmosexual BOurgeoisie

Gays who reject identification with any form of unique "gay" lifestyle or culture. HoBos identify with ordinary mainstream bourgeoise values like monogamy and marriage.
First, Bob and Dan got married, now they're going to join the military and serve openly - they've become total HoBos!
by lunamor December 28, 2010

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