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A douche bag in training. Someone who isn't fully tanned or muscled or collar popped. The brother of a douche bag who thinks he's a douche bag because his brother is a douche bag. also known as "Riding his brim."
Hey man Terrance is coming over hide the weights, he'll wanna lift and shed the douche nickel tag.

Steve's such a bro but his brother is a douche nickel
by lowbrowhumor February 28, 2011
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Statement a douche bag makes when someone is calling him on his douchynous. It can also be used as a douche bag on douche bag slam when a D-bag is riding the coat tails of another douche.
Don't you think your tan enough Jersey?
No, "Get off my brim" and hand me my tanning goggles.

Yo bro this place is swimming with bitches.
"Get off my brim" they are all peeping me.
by lowbrowhumor March 01, 2011
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