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A small percentage of a political candidate's overall electability that puts her/him over the top. The amount of good looking that it takes a candidate to edge out a political opponent.
The candidate with the most Cute Factor usually wins the election.

Cute Factor won the election.
by lornagdoon July 14, 2009

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A reusable, cloth or other material shopping bag or sack.

A bag other than those that the store provides.

A tote that you bring with you for putting items that you have purchased at a store into.

A recycled shopping bag.
"I conserve resources by bringing my baug(s) to the store with me."

"Jeeves, it's time to shop. Gather up my baugs and we shall be going."
by lornagdoon January 28, 2008

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Monologue: a (usually long) dramatic speech by a single actor.


A fear of performing memorized speeches within plays or other performance types.

A fear of forgetting a memorized speech during a performance.

A fear that encompasses avoiding trying out for plays or other performance venues with long speeches in them, that must be memorized.
I can't try out for the community theater's version of Steel Magnolias, because I have monologophobia.

If I get the part of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark, then I am sure that my monologophobia will ruin my performance.
by lornagdoon November 06, 2009

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