2 definitions by longdongsilber

1) Someone who is one click above a total stranger, someone that you just know their name, but nor very well or that close.

2) Typically people that you see at work or at school that you never bother to see outside of those circumstances.

3) Typically your friend's friends that you run in to at a party or going out.

4) Not such a bad thing because at least they're not going to bother you or pressure you asking for favors or money to borrow.
1) 96.4 % of your "friends" on MySpace

91.8 % of your "friends" on Facebook

= 100% acquaintance

2) Jenny from you Trignometry class who is ever so helpful but you have excuse for her every weekend because she is fat

3) Larry and John, your cubicle partners at work. You have discussed 2008 Election and NFL Draft with these guys and shared Coca-Cola in the breakroom 9 months ago but fuck these fat fucks.

4) Your cousin Vinny. You never return his call, he comes over to your house only because his parents brings his sorry ass. You hang out with him because you're forced to and he is like a 5th wheel. You can't wait until he is gone and you're smiling at him as you're saying good bye simply because you are happy that he is outta here!
by longdongsilber September 03, 2009
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"That fat kid saw an open cup of cake frosting at the end of the isle, so he ran nearly at tard speed to get it!"
by longdongsilber January 19, 2014
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