1 definition by lollipopcupcake

1) a word tacked on to the beginning, middle, or end of a group of words that emphasizes that fact that what you are saying may not be true.

2) a word used to get your point across about someone or something without sounding biggoted, bias, or harsh.

3) a way to spread gossip around while verbally citing that you heard it from a source that may not be a reliably truthful source.

*use the word allegedly. it's much safer and makes you look less suspicious.
1) Today they're selling ice cream at lunch time. Allegedly.

2) Bob's toasters never seem to work. Allegedly.

3) Susie stole bubble gum from the store then cheated on Georgie with Johnnie. Allegedly.
by lollipopcupcake May 22, 2007
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