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The reason I don't have a father
Because of cocaine, the male who injected sperm in my mother, or my father, left me to rot. Not even child support money
by Llamalady November 18, 2004

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The clan of people who play instruments of woodwinds,brass,low brass,and PERRCUSSION. They are slaved and tortured during the summer at band camp. During the year theese humans use thier instrument passes to skip class. Thay tell jokes that fellow band geeks get but outsiders dont. Are forced to join marching band and live in the band room and school bus.anti orchestral.very weird people these band geeks are.
That band geek just mauled a janitor with a sousaphone, holy shit!
by llamalady December 21, 2003

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born feb. 20th .1967 died april 5th 1994.at the age of 27. Said to be the best musician of all time. Definitly the revoulution of the 90's. Lead singer/gutiarist of Nirvana .but not spokesman.Blonde hair, blue eyes high cheek bones. Unwashed blondeish grunge hair. Born in Hoquim WA. raised in Aberdeen and Montesaso. Escaped to olympia and seatle. Weird boy. talented for art and guitar and drums. The anti-rockstar of rock. the best rockstar of rock. killed at gunpoint by a unknown killer. suspected suicide and murder. tragic death. He only had one true love of his life and that is his daughter, Frances. Skinny he was, But in the inside he let all his anger come out on his guitar and let millions be awed and amazed. millions are now still left in tears.
Kurt Cobain flashed pedestrians a crusifix and took a picture of thier reaction.
by llamalady December 22, 2003

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