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gossip, talkin shit about one another,
That girls talkin smack about everyone!
by liv March 20, 2005

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God of Sex.

Damn 20 letter minimum.
Ron Weasley may be a fictional characer, but he sure is orgasmic.
by Liv July 31, 2004

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What would you give just to.......
They live the dream you and i want(lucky bastards) Julian fucking gorge as well!
by Liv January 10, 2004

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The most radical place on earth - Madison, Wisconsin.
All the hippies live in Mad-town.
by Liv August 07, 2004

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Dunga. This word can be used as a put-down but also as a term of endearment. It originated from South Australia in 2002 where it grew as a popular term to describe poor dress sense, bad co-ordination, stupid thinking etc.
"What are you wearing those shoes for, you look like a dunga!"
"I stubbed my toe, I am such a dunga!"
"Haha, what were you thinking you dunga!"
by Liv January 02, 2005

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a combination of woah and amazing. used in place of amazing.
Wow Sally, the fact that you can fly is womazing.
by Liv November 29, 2004

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v. To rise up upon one's toes and emit a high-pitched, almost indetectable, squeak while smiling largely. This action is usually completed when one has discovered a fascinating similarity between oneself and another. Seeprynetion also can occur when one has witnessed a reference, direct or indirect, to a person, place, thing, or topic which with one has a personal obsession.
When Janay discovered that the brown-headed young man was a fan of Nirvana as well, she seepryneeted.
by Liv September 24, 2004

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