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The evacuation of a wasabi soup-like substance from one's asshole following a heavy night on the drink. Burning around the rim can be so severe that victims have been known to make desperate pleas for assisted suicide, while others suffer silently in the hope that the pain itself will finally put them out of their misery.
"Drinking those sixteen beers during happy hour had me performing soupooku all damn morning. I'm lucky to be alive."
by little_tq_joint September 23, 2013

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A portmanteau of 'bad' and 'adjunct'. Refers to the unnecessary addition of a phrase or sentence to the end of an otherwise humorous remark or joke.

A common trait of poor joke telling, and for those who are not confident in just leaving a punch-line alone, badjuncts may superfluously re-iterate details of the joke, or state information that is already implied, spoiling its delivery.


To badjunct; the act of implementing a badjunct.

"A man goes to the circus. After the show he speaks to the manager and asks for a job.
'Alright, what can you do?', the manager asks.
'I do amazing bird impressions', the man replies.
'A lot of people can do that.'
'Oh well', the man says and flies away.
Needless to say the manager fell of his chair!"

"Damn, why'd you have to go badjunct that shit?"
by little_tq_joint September 23, 2013

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