3 definitions by lia filippelli

Built with either the jappiest of JAPS wearing golden goose and aviator nation or Brazilian kids who live in the nicest parts of boca trying to act ghetto with their saggy pants and wife beaters. Eagles landing is known for their students "protecting the nest". When in reality they all hate each other.
Hey did you see that ratchet kid in the saggy polo pants? Yeah, He goes to Eagles Landing Middle School
by lia filippelli September 9, 2021
An overpriced company of clothes with the same material as target sweatshirts and sweatpants just for the price of $200 for sweatpants with the rainbow on it. If you don't grow out of this phase by middle school then you are the most stuck up annoying, immature person anyone will ever meet. Absolutely nobody likes you and I guarantee people talk shit about you in school. You probably are the type or person to call somebody ghetto who isn't wearing aviator nation or golden goose sneakers.
"Hey did you see that girl in Aviator Nation yesterday, everybody hates her she is so annoying."
by lia filippelli September 9, 2021
the hottest sexiest beast of Alexs around.
Hey did you see that hot guy? Yeah, he is rich his name is Alex Lindenbaum.
by lia filippelli September 9, 2021