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One of the most influential guitarists (if not the greatest) of all time. Along with Iggy Pop, his friend Dave Alexander and his brother Scott he formed The Stooges, the band which all other bands try to be. They gained no commercial success in their original incarnation but have since been credited with basically inventing punk rock, heavy metal and alternative rock.

Although he had never played guitar before (he had only played bass) his minimalist, primitive style which focused on power rather than technique was revolutionary. He is recognisable for his use of feedback, fuzz and wah, as well as his incredibly emotive guitar style.

Although he wasn't recognised as the great guitarist he was in The Stooges original incarnation the songs he wrote including: "I Wanna Be Your Dog", "No Fun" and "1969" have become recognised as classics. The Stooge's second album Fun House has been praised by everyone by from Jack White to Mark E. Smith as the greatest album ever made.

A year after the release of “Fun House” all his band mates turned to heroin. Ron saved them on countless occasions until a certain Mr. David Bowie rescued Iggy who got the band together for the album Raw Power.

For Raw Power Ron was demoted to bass in favour of James Williamson as guitarist. This incarnation of The Stooges (now dubbed Iggy And The Stooges) also had no commercial success but “Raw Power” has since been recognised in hindsight as a classic and Ron's bass playing as a big influence.

After The Stooges disbanded, Ron went on to worked with other Detroit bands such as Destroy All Monsters and The New Order (not to be confused with the UK band), although Destroy All Monsters gained little success they had a small cult following in the UK and their native Detroit however they have been largely overlooked in recent years.

Playing in bands from place to place he eventually worked alongside Mark Arm, Thurston Moore and Mike Watt under the guise of The Wylde Ratttz for the soundtrack to Velvet Goldmine. However in 2003 The Stooges reunited. Playing on the Iggy Pop album Skull Ring they went on to go on a series of hugely successful reunion tours (this time with the praise they deserved originally) these tours lasted from 2003 to 2008 with more planned for 2009. During this they recorded two tracks for a Jim Kimbrough tribute album called "Sunday Nights" and a full length album The Weirdness. In 2007 Ron released a signature model Reverend guitar.

On the 6th of December 2009, at the age of 60 Ron was found dead in his Ann Arbour home. Police suspected no foul play and evidence suggests it was a heart attack.

Ron Asheton's legacy will live on through the countless number of guitarists and musicians inspired by him.

R.I.P Ron Asheton
Ron Asheton = God

Nobody could put so much feeling into something so simple like Ron Asheton.
by Psychotic Reaction January 07, 2009
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