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Ex-lead singer of blessthefall.
New lead singer of Escape the Fate.
Also in a side band called The Word Alive (with old members of callingofsyrens)
Has one girl named leila.

and he is totally badass
guy1: dude blessthefall isnt the same without craig.
guy2: remember what he did at the crazy donkey. man that was badass.

scenekid1: omgzz im going to marry craig mabbitt and be mrs. mabbitt!11!1xx
scenekid2: no you idiot he's happy without a groupie like you. plus he has a cute kid
scenekid1: zomgg what?! ilovehimm *tear tear
by letsmakefunofhipsters April 30, 2008
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What your dirty butt leaves behind after you sit on something clean.
Lunchlady: *finishs cleaning table*
11yr old girl: *sits on freshly cleaned table*
Lunchlady: get yer buttcrumbs offa meh table!
11yr old girl: what?
by letsmakefunofhipsters April 23, 2008
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