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1. N. someone who either consistently or momentarily makes a mistake when speaking

2. N. someone who just sounds like an idiot while speaking

Adj. speaktarded
charles: "hey cutie, i'm, my name umm.. i mean beer?"
random girl: "was that a question or something?"
charles: "yes.. can i buy it?"
random girl: "you're scaring me what the hell are you talking about?"
charles: "what the hell are you talking about?"
leo: "please excuse my friend, he's a speaktard."
by leonidas queequeg jesus February 19, 2011

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anything involved with partying which you usually pay for but have somehow recieved for free
as in free samples of alcohol: "who am i to turn down such a treasure."

as in a pile of drugs on a table at a party: "where is the guardian of this treasure, i must indulge."

as in finding a stash of drugs, alcohol, or other similar things: "what treasure!! how could i be so lucky."

as in buying a girl a drink: "here you go, beautiful, this treasure is for you."
by leonidas queequeg jesus February 19, 2011

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1. N. an asian person driving a car

2. N. sexually: the same as when any other person performs any variation of the wrecking ball but with much less incurred damage/effect, or any referral to an asians pitiful balls
"holy shit that car was swerving in and out of 3 lanes, ran a red light, then stopped in the middle of the road for no reason right in front of me and whoever is driving is too short to see my middle finger. another god damned asian wrecking ball."

female friend 1: "so, you finally slept with jue jing ping-pong lingaling??"
female friend 2: "yea it was terrible. all i could feel was his nut sack tapping my thighs like a little asian wrecking ball."
by leonidas queequeg jesus February 19, 2011

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