18 definition by lefty

Named after the special variant of groupthink that exists at Portal of Evil. Those with a dissenting opinion against the target du jour will be set upon like pirahnas upon a drowning pig. Common pejoratives include "FAG" and "Furry."
"You like that site? FAG!"
by Lefty February 04, 2005

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A jersey nickname for that one guy on the softball team who's office always reaks of ball sweat.
Our Left Fielder, Dominic, is better known as Duck Butter
by Lefty August 05, 2004

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a poisonous fungi grown mostly in shit or on damp logs, that makes you get in touch with your holographic spirit, oh and you trip. the trip lasts for 4 to 8 hours. try some dutch shrooms. goddamn.
by lefty September 16, 2003

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1. A combination of wiener and penis , 2. A combination of wiener and anus, 3. A combination of Weezer and penis or anus.
"Last night Courtney Love touched my Weenus."
by Lefty March 03, 2003

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