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Hampden-Sydney is the school where wealthy (most of the time) men send their sons when they cannot get into a better school. Brains and credentials aside -- if you have a thick wallet, you are most certainly welcome at Hampden-Sydney. Those of us in Virginia know that if you can't get into a good school, you go to Longwood or Radford instead. Hampden-Sydney is an upper-class version of the previously mentioned schools. So overall, if you want to pretend you go to a good school, but can't really get into one, go to Hampden-Sydney instead.
HSC Student: I go to Hampden-Sydney! American Citizen: Oh. You (probably) have money, but I'm sure you're lacking in the brains department.

HSC Student in denial: HSC is the best private school on the east coast.
Someone who knows what they're talking about: No it's not, fool.
HSC Student in denial: Oh really? Name one.
Someone who knows what they're talking about: How about 20...
by learned January 16, 2005

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