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Hampden-Sydney is the school where wealthy (most of the time) men send their sons when they cannot get into a better school. Brains and credentials aside -- if you have a thick wallet, you are most certainly welcome at Hampden-Sydney. Those of us in Virginia know that if you can't get into a good school, you go to Longwood or Radford instead. Hampden-Sydney is an upper-class version of the previously mentioned schools. So overall, if you want to pretend you go to a good school, but can't really get into one, go to Hampden-Sydney instead.
HSC Student: I go to Hampden-Sydney! American Citizen: Oh. You (probably) have money, but I'm sure you're lacking in the brains department.

HSC Student in denial: HSC is the best private school on the east coast.
Someone who knows what they're talking about: No it's not, fool.
HSC Student in denial: Oh really? Name one.
Someone who knows what they're talking about: How about 20...
by Learned January 16, 2005
Definition: Sudo is simply short for individuals of sudanese heritage.

Geographically Sudo people are mostly found in Sudan and South Sudan.
For example an individual may reference themselves as "half sudo and half Egyptian" which means they're half Sudanese and half Egyptian.

If you are of sudanese heritage you can use the term 'sudo' to reference your identity
" I'm a sudo girl/boy"
"He's my sudo uncle"
"She's my sudo sister"
by Learned May 8, 2022