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word expressing an affirmative response used by the laziest people in the world, yes->yeh->yup->yuh/yah
person one - "so are you coming to see this film?"

person two (while snoring and or lying flat on back) - "yah"
by lazyperson April 04, 2006

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When someone lies upside down on a swivel chair naked so that his ass sticks out in the air. Another person then proceeds to pull the nearest fire alarm and push the naked person down a hallway while spinning in the swivel chair. This man then proceeds to shit out as much dookie and gas as possible to maximize the field of area covered in shit while people try to escape the building in a torrent of ass-wind and shit.
Oh man! He totally pulled off a feces twister during the fire alarm!
by LazyPerson November 26, 2013

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