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where the moderator/editor rejects entries to urbandictionary based on their own political biases. this is a bad thing because then your urbandictionary will become marginalized for a smaller group of people as opposed to becoming the expression of the entire population.
urbandictionary has a politically nondiverse moderator/editor that rejects many entries because they don't believe in diversity of thought and they don't believe in being politically fair and balanced. the moderators/editors are politically nondiverse which is contradictive of the definition of "moderator." freedom of speach must include speach that you personally may have a bias against. why not get an adult with some life experience behind his/her belt that understands what freedom of speach is to moderate/edit your urbandictionary so it can evolve to become something taken seriously by the entire population? food for thought...
by lakweesha July 31, 2008
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somebody that believes themself to be a victim in every situation such that they just stop trying.
that person won't stop wasting their life with drugs and won't get a job because that person is just a registered Victicrat.
by lakweesha July 30, 2008
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