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An acronym that stands for
Boy 1: I think I'm gay
Boy 2: What a coincidence. I also am a gay male homo sapien.
Boy 1: Wow! You sound weird! LBGT!!
Boy 2: What do these letters mean??
Boy 1: Didn't you read the definition, retard?
Boy 2: Woah, at the time that this is written, it's 2018. You can't use that language anymore!!
Police Officer: Scum like you make me sick!!
Boy 1: NooOooOoOOooo!!! I had so much to live for!!!
Police Officer: Yeah! HAD!!

*Boy 2 and Police Officer high five*
Boy 2 and Police Officer: We are both homosexuals!! LBGT!!
by l0bstersarep30ple2 May 16, 2018
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the act of giving somebody gonorrhea, aka the clap
guy 1: "yo last night i gave becky a high five"
guy 2: "thats disgusting get that treated"
by l0bstersarep30ple2 November 7, 2020
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