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A "Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game" (MMORPG) That Allows individuals to play as heroes in a city that rivals the size of New York (In game space). uses origins and archetypes in order to define the basic structure of what your hero will be like. So far it is NOT a PvP game (player vs player), but rather a PvE game (player vs environment). Has many features including the Sidekick feature which allows people who are strong to help lower level players fight. Low to no items are involved in the game in order to cut back on campers.

Archetypes: Scrapper, Tanker, Defender, Controller, Blaster.

Origins: Mutant, Science, Technology, Natural, Magic.

Scrapper: All out fighter.

Tanker: Meatshield.

Defender: Buff/debuff specilist.

Controller: Controls the actions of villians to a degree.

Blaster: Ranged attacker
Everquest, Neverwinter Nights, Freedom Force.
by kwdkwd March 04, 2004

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