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(n.) 1. A lengthy drive from one's residence to their location of employment, like the distance a stripper drives to the strip club, where she works, to avoid encountering any friends family or associates and revealing she's a stripper.
Since switching offices, Tommy's drive to work has become a stripper commute.
by Kurtisbadical February 24, 2010
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Oh-ies (AKA Ohies) (n.) 1. The first decade of a century.
September 11th of 2001, the wars in Iraq and the inauguration of President Barack Obama are several events that helped define the oh-ies.
by Kurtisbadical December 08, 2009
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1. An condensed word for iPod Jockey.

2. A person who plays music at a night club or bar using a laptop with or without turntables.

3. An insult to any person who claims to be a DJ but relies on a computer or mp3 player (iPod) to play music instead of turntables. Even if turntables are present, the person playing the music is still considered an iJay if the music's original source is from a computer.
I thought your boy was a real DJ until I noticed he didn't have a crate of records. When he hooked up his Apple laptop to his turntables, I knew he was merely an iJay.
by Kurtisbadical August 08, 2010
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