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A gangster ass nigga.
Jim: Man, look at Kenneth! He's a fucking gangster!
Jon: Yea man, he's a regular Sochacki.
by kun June 23, 2006

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the choice car for ghosting (ghost riding the whip) around the yl streets. usually anyone who has ghosted in this scrapper knows the true meaning of hyphy, krunk, going dumb...etc. the avy is short for avalanche and they dominate other cars. ppl refer to the avy as a dumb yellow bus. avy's usually come w/ a sick sound system and are riddiculously dent proof. many EHS alums and students have gone dummy retarded on this ave. hoodies and breezys need to ghost more on the avy...cus the avy will slay drunk bitches...its in its dna.
the avy romped the shit outta fairmont yesterday night.
by kun August 30, 2007

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