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"Anybody can be Subterraneous. No credit checks, no applications, no membership fees… If You support Hip Hop, You are Subterraneous."-OMA
Subterraneous is a movement, we call it subterraneous cause we don't even believe in the underground no more. That's just as shady....

by KritiKal November 28, 2002

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Death that is caused by the use or misuse of erectile dysfunction medication.

This may be the result of the user overdosing on the medication or by having a severe reaction to said medication.

The corpse may, or may not, still have an erection after death, dependent on when the corpse is found.
"Did you hear about John? He took 5 Viagra tablets causing death by lethal erection. Such a shame, you could still see a lump in the crotch region as he was taken out in a body bag."
by kritikal November 07, 2012

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A person who shows severe symptoms of apple technology addiction.

Often resulting in the appict standing in lines for the latest product release, obsessive dialogue regarding apple products to those who do not care and late night rituals where the appict awakes for the keynote presentation.

An appict will often upgrade to the latest apple product (even if only for minimal technological gain) just so they may ease their psychological addiction. A euphoric state is reported once the appict obtains the latest apple product.
"I can't wait for the release of the iPad 4, it's going to be so much better than the "iPad 3". Yes, I know, I'm an appict."

"Hi, my name's John and I'm an appict. How awesome is the iPhone 5 though?!"
by kritikal October 30, 2012

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