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Thrusting of genitals whilst performing traditional masturbation practices...
1: Last night I fucksterbated for the first time, dude, it felt so good.

2: For the what the fuck is that?

1: It's when you jerk off like normal, right? But then you start thrusting, and humping, like you're actually fucking, but keep on jackin' it!
by krho October 15, 2009

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How well a man can use his dick for pleasure.
1: Last night, she just was not into fucking at all, man. She just wanted me to eat her pussy all night!

2: Dude, you need to work on your Dickmanship, pronto!

1: For the, what the fuck?

2: You know, work on your moves, get some technique down with your pole...
by krho November 02, 2009

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Sexual Act:

The woman is on top of the Man. The man is aroused but not as far along as the female, male, counter part. The partner and presumptuously the one on top, begins to touch genitals. He or she, she or he, then begins to oscillate and sway while, warmth and wetness travel to the other.


Hot dog sliding in and out of a bun.

Vacuuming, with a hose attachment, a baseball bat.
1: Dude, last night I was so horny man, and she made my day!

2: Dude, Blow job? Just a handie?

1: Better, the squat job, man..

2: Squat Job??

1: Yeah, she's on top and she rocks her hips with her lips spread wide on your cock. Like fucking a taco, that's hardshell!

1: Ftwtf, that's awesome!
by krho November 11, 2009

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