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name used to describe a person who is up on charges (with the law) for perverted sexual offences, i.e. peadhophilia, necrophilia, beastiality etc
sexcase, sexcase - hang'im, hang'im, hang'im!
by Kopantz December 07, 2007

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expensive tuition fees, shitty staff and facilities. These are some of the characteristics that define the jumped up Polytechnic that masquerades as a British University: Staffordshire University.

Studying at 'Staffs' is frustrating at the best of times due to the lack of shit to do, the total lack of originality on campus and the non-existent communication with staff; 90 percent of which do not hold qualifications above Ba level. As a result, the few Professors that do 'teach' at this institution revel in the glory. Administration at Staffs is also diabolical.

The fear of finding a good job after graduation from 'Staffs'is ever present and regularly forced down students throats in lectures. However, guest lecturers are always visiting and telling you how awesome their job and salary is.

Walt Disney should be turning in his grave.
Welcome to Staffs
by kopantz August 25, 2008

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