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A "Goth" is, loosely speaking, one who decides to separate from the mainstream culture for varying reasons (such as dissatisfaction with modern society, a will to be different, or just a liking to the styles whether it be music or visual or social).

Goths are not defined as someone who slashes their own wrists or sets fires to schools, that is what is called a masochist, vandal or sadist. A Goth, in modern society, is merely a lifestyle.

Although their image and demeanor consistently appears cold and reclusive, this is but a shell and Goths are more commonly found to be nicer than the 'average' stranger, due to their tendency to have intellectual/educated backgrounds, and artistic divulgences including the visual arts and musical talents.

A 'pure' Goth epitomizes beauty not in the way that you would say "wowzers she is A BEAUTY", but in the way that the ideal Goth strives for clear skin and pure complexion; the dark hair and garb serves to enhance the fair complexion of pure skin.

People carrying "Gothic" qualities does not relate whatsoever to their personality and/or attitudes towards other people, rather, their attitudes towards the many forms of art, community, and individuality.


As you can probably tell by now, I myself am a Goth. And a Christian (strange combination you say? *shrugs*). I don't cut myself, I don't swear, I don't think offensively of other people of all shapes and sizes (and colours et cetera) but I strive to be Me in a world where everyone and everything is just a copy of a copy of a copy..

There is freedom of speech, there is freedom of personality, and a natural Goth embraces the freedom of image.
Striving to be Me in a world so full of Clones..
by knaive August 30, 2004
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(n) (from Polingbisz)
1. A male penis, usually an excessively large example of one, particularly in terms of its girth.

2. A large mallet-like hammer used for hitting people over the head.

3. A cow's bell, esp. the large variety which hangs from the neck of Swiss highland cows.
1. His klonger weight him down heavily between his legs, and that is why he walked with a peculiar gait.
2. Don't hit me with that klonger again, you'll give me brain damage!
3. When I traveled the Swiss alps, the sound of klongers rang among the green valleys like a cacophonous plague.
by knaive April 13, 2012
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