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The art of getting your cock and slapping it on your partners forehead before they wake up. Sometimes done before a blow job but less popular
cock knocking = Oli cock knocked Ben before a BJ, Ben was not amused
by KJK72 July 10, 2008

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You and your partner dabble in a spot of anal, only for the receiving party to let rip and spray shit all over the giver.

The giver is then so disgusted by the taste of shit that they throw up into the hair of the receiver, ensuring that it drips down onto the bed and ideally the carpet.
Oli had a bad curry and whilst mid throws with Ben and farted. Ben was covered in shit and threw up in Oli's hair, and they had a Sheffield Shagpile on their hands. Not sure if Oli then partook in a Sheffield SickPie.
by KJK72 July 10, 2008

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Following the Sheffield Shagpile, the partner being shagged in the ass, who now finds sick in their hair and dripping down their face, after they shat on their partner, also throws up combining the sick with that of their partners. Unfortunately there is no easy means of cleaning this up so you take the plunge and eat this Sheffield Sick Pie.
Oli had done a Sheffield Shagpile with Ben and now feels ill as Bens sick is dripping down his chin. Oli is sick into the sick that belongs to Ben, but his water has been cut off and he has no way of cleaning the mess. Oli decides it is best to have a Sheffield Sick Pie as his real lover Russ is due round later.
by kjk72 August 12, 2008

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