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Magnetic Man is a british project, playing electronic music. It is composed of the dubstep-associated artists and producers Skream, Artwork and Benga. The trio use three computers: the first is responisible for drums and loops; the second for bass and sub bass and the third for leads and samples. They signed to Columbia record in February 2010 and their first single "I Need Air" was released on July 2010. Associated acts: Katy B, John Legend, Ms Dynamite, Sam Frank.
Their first album "Magnetic Man" peaked 5th on the UK charts in October 2010.
Magnetic Man is the rapest DJ co-op project ever. Dubstep's gonna rule the world!
by kirk420 April 11, 2011
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used by pot smokers as a word to call dibs or second turn on a joint. whoever rolls the J gets to go first then whoever calls deuce first goes second. 'trace' is third
DEUCE!!!!! hahhaha i said it first! pass the j mon..
by kirk420 April 11, 2011
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a portmanteau of the words POR and orgasmic.
usual use in relation to the activity of inhaling/ ingesting any substance derrived from marijuana, such as weed or hash brownies for instance.
1) last night was porgasmic
2) this new stuff is porgasmic
by kirk420 April 11, 2011
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