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a derogatory term for a woman focussed on one goal: to catch a lover as soon as possible. The term implies that the vagina is moving the woman, the woman is merely the wheels for the vagina.
She will often claim pure innocent motives: she may be talking to you, she may be pretending to be interested in something, she may claim she is 'not looking' or 'not into a relationship right now'.

But, in actuality, she is constantly checking out the room and will move suddenly, sometimes in mid-conversation, to attach herself to the next-most-eligible-potential-lover, and will do anything to move herself INTO their orbit and move other women OUT.
Susie says doesnt want to get involved with anyone, but when that Ken-doll arrived into the party, she cornered him and chatted him up, and was sitting in his lap laughing in 10 minutes. She totally ignored me when I walked by. Susie is just a vagina on wheels.
by kipseeks June 01, 2009

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A horny woman. The opposite of a heat-seeking missile: a horny man.
julie is hanging all over that guy. she is a missile-seeking heat tonight!
by kipseeks June 01, 2009

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