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A facebook/myspace profile created by your everyday, suburban middle-class Bro that contains the same generic descriptions that every dude thinks he should write.

Everything a Bro lists in one of these profiles in some way relates back to contemporary suburban schemas of what constitutes a desirable teenage male. It is absolutely imperative that the Bro makes everyone know how much he is partying, dominating in sports, having sex with lots of chicks, and not giving a shit about anything important or academic while still being a kind, easy-going, and somewhat sensitive guy.

Most of these Bros know they are tooling themselves out, but they also know that giving in to this douchery is the easiest and quickest method to secure their not-so-subtly inflated sense of self-worth. But hey, I suppose publicly selling one's soul to support this charade of intellectual and personal desecration has its perks, granted that you can find others who adopt this superficial and low image (which you can, and thus the downward spiral begins). The question is what is more haunting: the eagerness of today's youth to fulfill this stereotypical and empty persona, or the wide acceptance such individuals get from their peers that reinforces this lifestyle for indefinite future generations to come.
Brofile: Broseph "Huge" Johnson

Activities: MAKING BANK, going 2 parties, sports, KICKIN IT, SMOKING BLUNTS, crusing in my F-150, smoking blunts WHILE cruising in my F-150, pumping iron at the gym


Music: anything but country LOL

Books: wut is a book?

About Me: I'm a chill guy who likes to relax and have a good time. I'm down to do whatever as long as it's fun. BP CHAMPION AND ZBT 4 LIFE!!!
by kingofcheese February 24, 2009

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