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A session or 12 with you and ole` girl and by ole` girl I mean first name Crystal last name Meth.
I had a sprack attack this morning so I will probably get some sleep tomorrow or the next day.
by King Pin December 17, 2004

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The ultimate tweeker. It takes many a night of hiding in your closet under a blanket with a roll of furl (aluminum foil) extra heavy duty if you got it, a straw or two, a handfull of lighters and as much sprack (tweek, go-fast, meth, "the shit that killed Elvis" if you know the right folks) as you can get to reach this ultimate level of tweekerism raised to the sprack degree.
Dave has been held up in his room all night sprack-attacking. Yeah, he is just a certified sprack monkey.
by King Pin December 17, 2004

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Crank thought to be crystal meth that those Jones county, Mississippi boys smoke on tin furl.
Jones County Redneck 1: "Hey man you got any furl?"

Jones County Redneck 2: "Hell you son, I got that fire, you didn't know?"
by king Pin December 27, 2004

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