3 definitions by killerhorse

1. not inclined to tell anyone they are wrong, even if they are complete fools and think "persecution" means you died. Pretty much always has a smile on his face and makes everyone feel smarter than they really are, although he himself is a genius.
Austin- "hey did you hear Dr. Franks lecture on predestination?"
Harrison-" no i missed it, i was in the bathroom but it sounds like that's what was suppose to happen"
by killerhorse July 27, 2011
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A group of young men who are known for secretive practices late at night, usually involving the shoving of certain objects into their mouths. The group wad originally founded in Greensboro, NC , by Harrison Beck and Will Sipe.
Friend 1: hey man, You want to join the salty boys tonight?

Friend 2: nah man, I'm gonna be smoking way too many cigarettes tonight to do that!
by killerhorse July 12, 2014
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1) The sexiest muther fuckin girl in the world. Every guy wants to be with her which is why she is hardly ever single. Has a thing for soccer players but only the ones that aren't douche-bags. She is a straight girl who doesn't party and is on her way to big things. She loves children and wants to teach them one day. The desire of all men's affection. A true sexy bitch.
girl: who are you looking at?
guy: fucking tayloir, she's fine as hell.
girl: WTF?? i'm your girlfriend!!
guy: shut up bitch! you'll never compare to her! I'm only with you b/c my friend Preston is dating her!!
by killerhorse October 14, 2011
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