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The only day Couples Show ANY Affection towards Eachother
Person 1- Wow look at Jim and Brittni there So happy

Person 2-Its Valentines day Remeber?

Person 1-Oh yea i forgot by tomarrow they Wont be like this to bad...
by Kiddbandit February 08, 2009

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When a girl Smiles at the Person next to you Or behind you And you smile Back

This is normaly Followed by a Weird or Akward look when the Girl notices your Smiling at her
Aww i thought That girl was smileing at me

by Kiddbandit September 01, 2008

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a Typo that you Do while Typing Or writing And you Mispell the Word over and over on Accident Making it a Habit for you to spell it that Way.
Bill Says-Dud what the hell do you mean?

James Says-SEE? Thats it when you say dude.

Bill Says-What do you mean when i say dud?

James Says-Dude is your Habit Typo!
by kiddbandit February 18, 2009

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